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Direct Mail

Why is a Digital Consultancy Recommending Direct Mail?

Because it delivers results. Remember the old saying, “Nothing Replaces Anything.”

Let’s Start with Results

At ETW Digital, we are results driving. The bottom line is Direct Mail works. The statistics on the right are the results of recent campaigns in the dental industry.  It shows the 1st visit return on investment (ROI) of a new patient to be 2.84:1. Everyone would invest $1 to earn $2.84! There are studies that show the lifetime value of a new patient to be over $4,200.

Our Turnkey Solution

Most direct mail companies have an enormous printing fixed cost. This may cause companies to push printing and mailings. Out Turnkey Solution wraps Print.Production in the middle of a 5-step process. This is by design because it is the least important step in the process. Market Analysis determines the least amount of households to mail to and Direct Mail Design determines what creative and offers drives actions. Post mailing, Call Tracking and Response Analysis explains not only how your campaign performed, but how to improve it in the future.

Targeting – Neighborhood Level

  • What is a Target Market Analysis?
    • Detailed report and map showing potential customers within the neighborhoods around your practices
  • Focus areas of the report:
    • Household Income
    • Home Value
    • Net Worth
    • Distance from business
  • Our objective is to drive the highest ROI by targeting the best potential clients

Penetration Reporting

The Purpose:

  • Penetration reporting enables Mudlick to optimize our targeting to drive the best ROI

The Process:

  • Utilize your customer database and match against our mailing list/carrier routes
  • Determine which routes or profiles drive the best results
    • # of Patients
    • $ Spent by Patients
  • Update routes/lists in order to maximize your full market potential

The Payoff:

  • Maximize your marketing budget and drive in more new Patients

Creative & Design Services

  • In-house creative team
  • Customized Templates
  • Customized Versioning
  • On-line library of successful offers and coupons

Call Tracking & Analytics

Call Tracking allows you to not only gain insights into your customers and prospects, it also allows you to understand how your employees are answering the phone. We can train your staff with the best practices necessary to maximize the ROI of your direct mail investment. Search Engine Watch has written multiple articles demonstrating the benefits of call tracking.

Response Analysis

Data and analytics are at the forefront of a successful marketing campaign and direct mail is no different. As an agency, we pride ourselves on utilizing all of the available data in order to make informed decisions for you. We utilize data to drive the best response and ROI for your business.