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My first blog post was on the concept that Nothing Replaces Anything. I came across an interesting example this week of Facebook relying on TV first and Digital second by Craig Jaffe. This, of course, is no new and is a smart strategy. Brand advertising on TV and radio still works. Back in my yellow pages day we could review the call logs and tell when Midas had a TV campaign live in a particular market. Now you can see the same thing in Google Analytics.

Advertisers go to great lengths to target consumers that will purchase their products and believe it or not they really have no interest in your political affiliation. Today we boycott advertisers on popular talk shows that lean left or right. This is usually done through a centralized effort on a lot of occasions. Now you also have JPMorgan Chase canceling ads on NBC News over Megyn Kelly’s interview with Alex Jones. Just imagine if these efforts move towards boycotting websites over online ads….Stop the Madness: Advertising Boycotts Will Destroy Us All | Mediaite

On a close but related topic is the use of Ad Blocker software and thoughts of an ad-free internet. A few years ago a UK based video ad platform called Ebuzzing placed the cost of an ad-free internet at $232 a year per user. That’s a fun exercise but a more realistic mental exercise is what content do you currently have bookmarked that you would pay to continue to access? 98% of Ebuzzing’s survey respondents wouldn’t pay. Would you pay a monthly fee for Facebook? Reddit? Buzzfeed?

New innovation in search never ceases to amaze me. The latest thing that blew me away was Bing’s new search images within images. It’s great to see Bing continue to try to innovate. The more competition for Google, the better for all of us.

Ever wonder how much those big blue highway exit signs cost businesses? Did you know there is a cool app that tells you how far the next exit is and what businesses are there?

Finally, thoughts and prayers out to Anthony “Doc” Ameen. Doc underwent his 33rd surgery this week since being severely wounded in Afghanistan. Doc founded Wings for Warriors and assists veterans in getting the proper healthcare that they deserve. Get well soon Doc!

Photo Credit: Interstate Logos