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KPMG recently released their US CEO Outlook Report for 2017. The subheadline of the press release is “Significant Investment in Cyber, Digital, Emerging Technology Expected in Next Three Years.” There is a lot of terrific information contained in this report and I encourage everyone to poke around and see if any of the findings can help their business succeed.

The aspect that interests me the most was the section on Top Priorities and Investments. KPMG stated thatThe CEOs surveyed conveyed improving speed-to-market, digitizing the business, becoming more data-driven, and building public trust as their top four strategic priorities. In the next three years, they expect significant investment in cyber security, digital infrastructure, regulatory/compliance, and emerging technology. Top technology-specific investments identified over the next three years include data and analytics, cognitive technologies, and Internet of Things.”

The reason for my interest is that these priorities and investments will definitely lead to more business for KPMG’s consulting practice and it is brilliant from the standpoint of content, presentation, and third party research. But at the end of the day, this is basically a great piece of public relations. Let’s review the top four strategic priorities:

Speed-to-Market – Publishing this survey in June allows the KPMG team to get this data in front of their clients prior to the critical 2018 corporate planning sessions. This will allow them to be top of mind for new budgeted consulting dollars.

Digitizing the Business – Look no further than this study as a prime example of digitizing the business. This study is available in the following formats: press release, video, infographic, partner perspectives, and Top 10 highlights. It has also been supported by social media and paid search campaigns. In today’s world, your content needs to available how consumers want to interact with it.

Becoming More Data-Driven – Want fresh new data? Conduct an in-depth survey of 400 U.S. CEOs and publish the data. What are the odds that your readers will need a consultant to help implement these strategic priorities?

Building Public Trust – All companies need to maintain public trust but consulting firms have more at risk than most companies because trust is their main selling point.

This is a really well-done piece and I expect it to be very well received in the marketplace and for it to generate a ton of leads for KPMG.