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The marketing landscape changes on a regular basis so it’s somewhat scary to go back at the beginning of this decade and see what we got right and what we got wrong. In 2011, we were all still trying to figure out what to make of social media as an advertising platform and whether ads were too invasive sites geared towards your personal life. It was beginning to

make sense for direct to consumer sales. We were telling brand marketers what we liked and were basically begging to be targeted with ads. Business to business transactions were harder to figure out. Audience targeting was intriguing but there was uncertainty around whether B2B business could

Bringing the discussion back to 2017, you realize that the things that are important to B2B marketers were there in 2011 and remain relevant today:

– Drive brand awareness,
– Build online traffic, and
– Connect with current and potential customers

Some of our clients have more success driving leads through social media channels than the traditional B2B tactics such as affiliate marketing and direct mail solicitations. This is obviously because of the ridiculous amount of information that we provide to the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Additionally, writing and promoting a blog will increase your reach across your target market and gives you more control over your message. Thinking outside the box a little, explore Reddit and see if there are any subs dedicated to your industry. If there are, congratulations, you’ve just located your most passionate online audience.

To recap, why should I embrace social media as a B2B marketer?

– Social Media offers the surest audience targeting available. (Because we all clicked on the T&Cs with reading them.)
– Social Media allows you to best define your position in the marketplace outside of your website.
– We are all social and fears of intrusion into personal lives with B2B advertising has proven to not be an issue.