How can we increase management visibility for a new private equity acquisition?

Industrial Refrigeration Company

The Challenge

 A lower-middle market private equity firm needs to improve visibility in sales, operations, and financial reporting post-acquisition of a regional industrial refrigeration company.  The company is a successful owner-operated business needing operational improvements to satisfy its new investors with requirements unnecessary as a stand-alone private business. Key performance indicators (“KPIs”) were identified at the time of sale that needs confirmation, and month-end reporting needs to be accelerated to meet covenant requirements.


The Solution

  1. Identify and develop a Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) system. The salesforce kept individual tallies of new business opportunities that made it difficult to manage. There were no defined pipeline stages nor consistency in estimating revenue per project. Chose a CRM, agreed on pipelines, and built a centralized estimating tool.
  2. Layered a Business Intelligence tool on top of a construction software application. This allowed for measuring KPIs, reducing the monthly close, and repricing the planned maintenance business line. This eliminated the need for a costly new construction software package.

Tools Utilized

  1.  Jonas Construction Software
  2. Pipeliner CRM
  3. Sisense
  4. Google Sheets
  5. SQL

Results Generated

  1. Increased new business sales and close ratio due to consistent pipeline management and senior management oversight.
  2. Reported KPIs quickly identified immediate focus areas to improve margins and customer loyalty.
  3. Gained a minimum of 5-year extended life of Jonas Software by utilizing highly effective, cost-conscious add-on applications.