Who We Are

What can you expect when you hire ETW Digital?

Seasoned leaders that roll up our sleeves and work side by side with your teams. We bring over thirty years of experience and leadership skills across multiple industries. 



We will work with you to assess the situation you are hiring us for, whether a project or an interim role in your organization and drive it forward with an optimistic approach. We are typically hired to solve problems, and problems usually bring negativity. We combat negativity from the initial kickoff meeting.

Ability to Make Difficult Decisions

You are hiring us for a reason. The ability to make difficult decisions based on the facts and circumstances of each specific situation is an important quality that we do not shy away from. We rely on both reason and intuition. True leaders must also know when to make decisions solely on their own and when they can and should, be based on the input of others when working towards a common goal.

Ability to Delegate and Persuade

Consultants are hired to perform a specific task, but the deliverables must last long after completing the assignment. Having strong delegation and persuasion skills is crucial whether working on a project or in your full-time role. A strong, confident, and effective leader is not afraid to let others handle the workload and can ultimately give credit where credit is due. Strong leaders also get to know the people they’re working with well enough to decide who is best suited for delegating specific tasks. 

Must be Approachable

Open communication lines sometimes determine whether a project succeeds or not.  Consultants are typically hired by management but perform their responsibilities with the staff. To keep the channels of communication open, a true leader must always be approachable. Your peers and subordinates on a project need to feel comfortable bringing good and bad news to you as the person in charge.


Neither adults nor children will follow an individual they feel they can’t trust. In a culture where people’s ethical standards are rapidly deteriorating, a successful leader who embodies integrity will stand out in the crowd and naturally draw in followers.


Humble leaders are good leaders who know that even though they assume the leadership position and are in charge, the contributions of others are significant. We are brought in to solve problems. Mistakes are going to be made along the way. Admitting mistakes is not a sign of weakness but strength, self-awareness, and high emotional intelligence.


People feel more comfortable knowing exactly what is expected of them and how those in charge expect them to accomplish those goals. In practical terms, this leadership style often entails good communication skills as it calls for communicating face-to-face instead of by email and delivering critical information promptly.


Influential leaders will be transparent regarding expectations and who they are as individuals when they take on a leadership roles. Authentic and successful leaders direct with consistency based on their true character, not contrived style. Eventually, others will see through a facade.


Over 30 Years

We have over 30 years of experience ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Our roles have included general management, operations, sales, marketing, finance, and technology.

General Management

We held $240M in P&L responsibility while leading the management team in business strategy, market direction, and pricing. We designed strategic and operating plans. Guided execution of business processes and reengineering to optimize profitability. Recruited top performers in sales, marketing, finance, technology, and operations. Member of the board of directors. Led a group of over 500 employees across 10 locations.


Overhauled the company’s $300M leasing business unit to optimize internal efficiency and shareholder value. Held full P&L responsibility and managed 50 sales, marketing, operations, and finance professionals across 5 locations in the US and Canada. Improved credit quality and growing client base, improved margins, and enhanced division integrity in less than 12 months. 


Consolidated 20+ acquisitions into a single operating reporting package combining databases written to MS SQL, MS Azure, and internally built software. Built a new transactional application that streamlined 18 businesses and automated sales commission and customer incentives to reduce the time to close the monthly financials significantly.

Sales and Marketing

Led a digital marketing agency and oversaw the acquisition of a leading email service provider. Lead sales strategic planning and growth of our multi-channel enterprise clients. Trained and mentored staff across relationship management, sales, and practice disciplines. We managed 120 employees across sales, marketing, account management, operations, and technology.


Began career in finance and led most roles, from analyst to Chief Financial Officer. Our core competency is as an operational CFO. Along with the accounting and financial responsibilities, an operational CFO oversees building and organizing effective financial teams, performance improvement, change management, and financial strategy.