How can I increase sales while also improving operating margins?

Regulatory Compliance Consultants 

The Challenge

 A leading Environmental, Health, and Safety (“EHS”) consulting firm want to accelerate the growth of its Mechanical Integrity (“MI”) plant inspection practice. MI can be defined as the management of critical process equipment to ensure it is designed and installed correctly and that it is operated and maintained properly. The standard MI inspection takes forty (40) hours to complete and has four (4) FTEs available.

The firm uses MS Excel, PowerPoint, and a cell phone camera to conduct and track each audit. Most of the time associated with the audit is pre-audit preparation of the inspection details in Excel and post-audit preparation of the results to be presented to the client. Can we automate the inspection process to reduce hours?

The Solution

Create an equipment, component, and recommendations data library incorporating all scenarios of a MI inspection so that the technician can build the specific assessment template for each client. Each client template automatically syncs to a mobile application that instructs the onsite technician to record the requirements and photographic documentation. The technician is also prompted to choose the proper recommendation based on International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) regulatory codes.

The app needs to be flexible enough to add new equipment directly from the mobile device in case anything is missing in the pre-inspection setup and the ability to sync operations between the mobile and the web app for reporting purposes and to capture historical readings for future inspections.

Tools Utilized

  1. .NET Core
  2. MS SQL Server
  3. C#, ASP.NET
  4. HTML
  5. CSS
  6. JavaScript
  7. Flutter
  8. SQLite

Expected Results

The number of MI inspections will increase by 33% yearly with no staff increase. This is accomplished by reducing the hours per inspection from 40 to 30 and eliminating the manual processes pre and post-inspection. Additionally, the company’s overall value increases with ownership of a proprietary digital asset that reduces expenses and allows for accelerated revenue growth.